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About Me


My name is Matt Gaglione, and I'm an Illustrator/Designer who specializes in digital media.

I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology from 2012 to 2016 and majored in Illustration. At the end of my fourth year, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts.

When I’m not drawing or painting, I enjoy working out, playing music with friends, listening to artists online, and searching for new forms of inspiration.


About my art


In the past, I have designed graphics, UI, and UX components for several Disney and Nickelodeon games/apps, and provided background design for animation. I'm no stranger to print media either, having worked on posters, ads, and book illustrations.

When making art, I usually try to keep 3 things in mind: “Where did this come from?”, “Why should it be made?”, and (most importantly), “Who is it for?”. To help ensure a successful piece, I make sure that I’m able to answer all 3 before I commit to it. That way, I can always retrace my thought process if I need to change or add anything.

To me, memorability is the most valuable quality a piece can possess – which is why I make sure I’ve got a solid concept before I dive in.